BP Cover1D8FCA96-B064-45A6-819C-2B269EBF
Annabelle's bust animated with enlarged features in a blue blazer with blue paint on their face.
Annabelle wearing a 3D printed coral reef-like mask in the redwoods looking up and out to the left.
an abstract wiggly mixed media painting with lines, curves, splotches, and colors that are playful.
a collage art piece with elements of Annabelle's face in black and white with dusty rose accents.
a digital collage of Annabelle & Def Sound with their faces touching, eyes closed & big black font.
a green-centered collage of natural elements/plants/butterflies/clouds with "green tree tops" inside
a continuous line doodle of a laptop and zoom conversation surrounded by a playful pattern & bubble
a continuous line drawing of Def Sound in profile by Annabelle with collage of flowers surrounding
Annabelle in a bright green field wearing a drapery of plastic bags with their eyes to the lens