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Mementos of Liberation

This page is for dreamers and skeptics, imagination workers and so-called “realists” alike.  Anyone who seeks affirmative examples that change is the only constant, welcome.

There is so much work to do.  These archives root me in the continuum of care that is needed for our collective ongoingness.

Many of these categories are interrelated and overlapping.  Notably, LAND BACK is of course in deep conversation with CLIMATE RELATION RECOVERY and REPARATIONS.  GENDER LIBERATION as well as DISABILITY JUSTICE also clearly benefit from LAND BACK, REPARATIONS, and ABOLITION.  Of course they do; "our liberation is bound together" (Lilla Watson).  This organizational tool cannot contain the propensity for one justice to spill into another, nor does it seek to.  This project is a personal method of documentation that offers an ongoing and emerging synthesis. I decided to share it because I haven't seen anything like it yet.  I am under no illusions that this project itself is revolutionary work. This is simply a way for me to remember that revolutionary work is possible and indeed happening.  If you find other archival projects that document and affirm the fecundity of various movement work, please put me on!

~      These archives are forever incomplete and adaptive, so feel free send any articles that you think would add to these existing connections so we may learn together      ~


Indigenous sovereignty is our only collective path forward. Indigenous peoples worldwide account for only about 12% of the global population, yet protect roughly 80% of the world's protected lands. Land back is an anti-imperial movement that is about more than land. Below are articles in which a returning of sovereignty has been justly reallocated. 


Inspired by Alice Wong, Imani Barbarin, Vilissa Thompson, Alison Kafer and Spoonie Collective locally, I offer articles that imagine and actualize futures that are not determined by eugenics, but rather by us.  The stories of these advocates remind me that each human construct is already an accommodation, our society has just made decisions about whose bodies to accommodate to. Accessibility is a human right. 


Abolition of the prison industrial complex/criminal punishment system is a continuation of abolition of the institution of slavery.  This is why the same language is used; the work is not done. 

"We should redirect the billions that now go to police departments toward providing health care, housing, education, and good jobs. If we did this there would be less need for police in the first place."

- Mariame Kaba from We Do This Til We Free Us

"The movement we call the "civil rights movement" that was called by most of its participants the "freedom movement" reveals an interesting slippage between freedom and civil rights was about transforming the entire country. It was not simply about acquiring civil rights within a framework that itself would not change" 

- Angela Davis from Freedom is a Constant Struggle


The cases for reparations for Black people are so aptly available and obvious.  If you are new to this conversation I implore you to dig beyond these articles.  Either way, reparations are a bare minimum must moving forward.  Here are some articles that share the progress of this topic: 


This section is the umbrella that contains and centers trans, queer, and femme liberation, as that is outside of the status quo of this paradigm.  However, this section also includes voices such as bell hooks who recognizes and honors the destruction that the patriarchy has created in the lives of those who identify as boys and men as well. We deserve liberation and equality for all people, and it is happening already.  Behold:


This category was created to hold articles that affirm an end to anthropocentrism that may not be directly related to the Indigenous LAND BACK movement.  Make no mistake, there is no path out of climate crisis without Land Back.  Below are projects that don't directly fall under that umbrella but that I believe attempt to harm reduce such as renewable energy, reforestation efforts, habitat restoration, and projects that affirm relations with more-than-human beings.  

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